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Spam Control Facts


Spam or Junk Mail

It is up to the user to maintain their own spam filter, below gives you direction on how to do this.

A how to manage junk (spam) mail on IronBay.Net. or other hosted domains with windows email services.

1. Log into Web Mail Here.

2. On the top of page in the center     click on settings.

3. On the left side of this page you will see a link called Anti Spam click that.

4. If you chose to have spam control place a check mark in the box after Instant Anti Spam, if you don't want to have spam filter uncheck or leave unchecked.

5. Next you will see Challenge Response, we have this feature disabled as it will allow to many chances for errors.

6. Next you will see Spam Folder, the drop down box will depend on if you want spam filtering or not. If you had checked the spam filter box at the start then choose "use spam folder". If you do not want to use anti spam, choose " do not use spam folder".

7. At the bottom of the page the last thing to check is the level of spam control you want. If you have very little to no spam you would want to use "low', if you get 10 or so spam messages a day you might want to choose " medium", if you have a lot of junk mail se it to " high".

You can now automatically add people to your white list. It is very simple to do. All you have to do is go into your webmail (www.ironbay.com click check email). Click on your spam folder, that will show you the contents of that folder. Place a check mark in front of the email that you no longer want marked as spam, at the bottom left of the page there is a drop down box, choose white list sender. Then click the OK button at the bottom center of the page. That is it. That person should no longer go into your spam folder. You can also do the same to black list and email that comes in using the same procedure.

You can also set up Outlook Express to show your spam folder. In order to do this you need to remove your current IronBay.Net email account from outlook express. Then you have to create a new account instead of choosing pop3 for your mail server type you would need to choose Imap.

The mail server setting are incoming mail server mail.ironbay.net, and the outgoing server is smtp.ironbay.net.

 This is the same for both types of accounts. If you have any questions or problems call us at 1-866-425-9305 or 906-226-3266 or email us here.


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